Microcrystalline Wax

Microcrystalline Wax
Microcrystalline Wax
Product Description

Our company, KK India Petroleum Specialities Private Limited, is an authorized dealer of Sonneborn Incorporation, USA. The product line of Sonneborn is the most extensive in the industry. Our company brings to the Indian market a variety of products, some of them include microcrystalline wax, petrolatums, compressor lubricants, liquid paraffin and sodium sulfonate (petronate emulsifiers). The international company offers grades that meet the strict requirements of USP, DAB, French Codex, NF, BP, EUP, Japanese, and other pharmacopoeias. The company also provides USDA-certified and FDA-approved products.  

Our clients can rely on us for microcrystalline waxes. The hardness, melting point, and color of this product vary according to its grade. These products are available from Sonneborn Inc. USA & Europe. This FDA-approved product is odourless, tasteless, nonpolar hydrocarbons with relatively high melting points.


  • Use as chewing gum bases, and cheese wheel cold-flexible coatings
  • Natural bases for lipsticks, cold creams, and ointments, where they are used as a hardener, lubricant, pigment carrier, and protective barrier against moisture
  • Plays a major role in the packaging of food
  • Papers, films, foils, and corrugated board coated with wax protect food from moisture
  • Ensures easy flow of hotmelt adhesives and flexible bonding
  • It is a base for many wax products ranging from crayons, candles to sealants and fine wood polishes
  • Serves as a carrier of compounds that prevent rust throughout a wide range of industries


  • Waxes are a primary product, not a byproduct, of Sonneborn Inc. USA
  • Waxes are shipped by Sonneborn Inc. USA as liquids in bulk, cartons, or pallets
  • For food-grade petroleum wax, these Multi wax grades comply with FDA CFR 172.886 and 178.3710
  • A variety of technical grades are also available from us
  • The needle penetration tests of ASTM D-1321 indicate that our standard waxes range in hardness between 15 and 80
  • Sone born customizes physical properties for customers

Types of microcrystalline waxes:

  • Multiwax W-445
  • Multiwax 180-M
  • Multiwax W-835
  • Multiwax ML-445
  • Multiwax 180-W

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